Another one…… Another one……. Another one……

DJ KHALED CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP. Constantly adding his Story, DJ Khaled is the best thing that ever happened to Snapchat. His snapchat is full of positivity and turns anything into motivational talk. His catchphrases include “Another one,” Bless up,” “They don’t want you to,” have been the talk of the town. DJ Khaled is not afraid to be exactly who he is, which is hilarious and honest. By doing so, he brings an element of authenticity which appeal greatly to his followers.  If you haven’t seen any of Khaled’s Snapchats, here is a short advice about what you need to do after taking a shower.


With his new found “Success” (No pun intended), he is increasingly using Snapchat to promote other brands along with his own clothing line WETHEBEST. The Notorious DJ also uses his brand to help promote celebrities and artist including pop star Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.

3 Major key for viral marketing success

The story of DJ Khaled and Snapchat all started when he tried to navigate his way home, it was pitch black. And he was lost. He recorded the moment, and shared it to his followers on social media. From his rise to success, we learn that there are three criteria that needs to be met in order to create a successful viral marketing.

  • The messengers
  • The message
  • The environment

The messenger refers to as the people or peoples that are sending the message. It is crucial to select the right person to deliver the message in order to be successful. The 3 different types of group of messengers include market mavens, social hubs, and salespeople.


Source: (

A market maven is an individual that have a great deal of knowledge and connections in a particular area, thus having a trusted opinion. They usually are among the first to receive the message and transmit it to their social network. Warren Buffett is an example of a market waven.

Social hubs are individuals with an exceptionally large number of social connections. With a large number of followers/connections, social hubs can deliver messages in a large quantity.

The third group of messengers are salespeople. They are the ones that amplify the message and making it more relevant and persuasive.

Source: (

So what compels people to share certain videos? The second step for any viral marketing is the message.  A memorable and interesting message often have a higher chance of being shared to others and have the potential to spur a viral marketing phenomenon. Effective messages often contain an element of surprise, in addition with other emotions that can be either positive or negative.

pizza hut UK kanye west

Source: (

The third and final criteria for a viral marketing campaign to be successful is the environment. Companies should focus on having an infectious message and deliver them to many disconnected subcultures. They need to make not to over spread the initial message, as they may fail in creating the viral aspect.


Viral video define the entertainment for the future. More and more companies tries to implement viral marketing techniques the increase exposure and enhance their brand.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on the topic down below, Bless up!




3 thoughts on “Major Key for Viral Marketing Success

  1. Hey there,

    I love how you put DJ Khaled as a model for viral marketing. He has certainly beaten other celebrities in the Snapchat game hence his nickname as the Snapchat King. I agree with the 3 criteria’s mentioned in your article. Ultimately, the main requirement of a viral video is the message one person wishes to convey to the audience. Going back way before DJ Khaled’s rise to fame, a viral video that is constantly in my head is Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle. In 2009, she astounded the world with her angelic voice. Although a lot of individuals acquire that skill, people noticed her because of her age and the way she looks. People stigmatised the music industry and the individuals in them. For females, audience expect them to for one; have a good voice but secondly, the way they dress. And for Susan to rebel against the second criteria, the world truly was astounded. She gave a message to the world that getting into the music industry does not require looks. She was unique! And that is just as important as the message.
    Timing is also a criteria that needs to be taken into account. For DJ Khaled, he received fame from Snapchat simply because he was quick to take over the platform. Not many people know that Snapchat was actually established in 2012 but only made headlines recently. Relating back to Susan Boyle, during the 2000’s, she was the first participant of Britain’s Got Talent to receive such a massive response from the world of contemporary media.
    With more and more videos, tweets, posts, apps created each day, it is harder to make something go viral. But if someone or an organisation can find something unique plus utilise all the elements of a viral video, surely that video will be stuck in the mind of the consumer for quite some time.
    Thought I would just add in a few things from what you already said. But thank you for this article. Enjoyed reading through it and hope to see more of your posts.
    Cheers and have a good day.


  2. Hi Haekal,
    Love this post on DJ Khaled ! He has really changed snapchat, even making himself onto the ellen show and the Jimmy Kimmel show to show Jimmy how to use snapchat,
    In his feature on Kimmel, he even showed the kinds of products he was being sent so that he could promote them. I think that “snapchatters” are as good as instagram or any other social media in terms of getting personalities to become brand ambassadors. Perhaps at the moment given that not a lot of businesses are really harnessing the power of snapchat it is a more effective form of marketing, especially because the experience seems very one – to – one as opposed to instagram/facebook where people are publicly able to comment.
    Do you think snapchat could be a new important marketing tool?

    Tayla 🙂


  3. Hey Haekal!
    I really liked this blogpost! The Kanye and DJ Khaled examples are straight to the point and allowed for a better understanding of viral marketing criteria. Also, kudos t some of the puns like DJ Khaled can’t stop or DJ Khaled’s new found success, these made the post more a lot more lighthearted.

    Snapchat is an extremely amazing tool to make things go viral. The messengers, the more famous they are, the more likely their videos would go viral. DJ Khaled’s has a large number of followers and when he posts a Snapchat, it will be viewed by so much more people as compared to any average Joes out there. This is essentially the main reason how DJ Khaled got dubbed the king of Snaps.

    The message you sent out is the ‘quality content’ that could possibly go viral. Here we are talking about unexpectedness and the uniqueness of the message content. These tend to be more memorable and interesting and like you said, contains an element of surprise. The Kanye West Twitter image is a hilarious one, well thought out by UK’s Pizza Hut. Making a parody out of Yeezy’s new album sure is one way to create some attention. It is funny, it is relatable and most importantly, it is unexpected, and people like that. And to be honest, with all of Kanye West’s actions lately, people love to see him or his work being made fun (not in the negative notion) of. Pizza Hut emphasised on this pointer and used it to their advantage. They post it on Twitter, and that is making use of the environment. Twitter has a huge community, a community with many disconnected subcultures. This applies to Snapchat as well, hence by accomplishing all 3 of the criteria you mentioned, there is indeed a high chance of going viral.


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