IT’S A MATCH! The strategy behind Tinder is simple and usually a 3 step process: See few photos of someone, read their bio, decide if you’re attracted to him or her and swipe accordingly.It works by introducing people looking for a date by using geolocation to detect potential couples in reasonable proximity to each other. But, have you ever wondered what companies are doing with the information you give?



Geolocation is now emerging as a valuable tool to understand customer behaviors, drive traffic and increase revenue. It is the newest movement in Mobile Marketing and measurement. Companies now target customers by their location and use location-based data for business functions. This effort is more efficient and some what more accurate to form. Hence, involving their targeted audience is key for companies to succeed in the digital age.



Location Based Marketing allows Businesses to create a virtual fishing net around the area they want to influence customers. They can decide what kind of baits can be used depending on the location of the customer. With the information they obtained through geolocation, businesses can customize messages based on the geographic area in which the user is present (Kaplan, 2012).



The most effective social media campaign often involve the users in some interactive ways. With over 100 million active users (Smith, 2014), Snapchat is a common social media platform for businesses to interact with its followers. Snapchat stories can be a way to reach out to followers in a way familiar to those using more “traditional” social media networks. Using geolocation techniques, Bayern Munich were able to pull in a huge number of Snapchats from the specific location which was FC Bayern’s home ground Allianz Arena and add them to their Snapchat story of Bayern vs Dortmund.





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Smith, C. (2014). 70 Amazing Snapchat Statistics. DMR. Retrieved 6 April 2016, from

Kaplan A. M. (2012). If you love something, let it go mobile: Mobile marketing and mobile social media 4×4, Business Horizons, 55(2), 129-139.




One thought on “Geolocation: Swiping your time one matches at a time

  1. Hey Digitalpov,

    Great blog, great layout, great images. Unfortunately for myself, I am unfamiliar with this app “Tinder” (cough, cough) and found your explanation of how it works and what exactly it very enlightening. But what really drew me in was your question “have you ever wondered what companies are doing with the information you give?” After some deep thought, I suddenly remembered my friends talking about this app a few weeks ago and began to worry about what may be happening with [their] information. This is even more of a concern due to the highly personal nature of the information that apps such as tinder receive from their users. Fortunately, a brief glance over the subsequent subheadings allowed me some relief, as it appears the information is actually used to benefit the user through integration, individualization, and involvement.

    If at the end of the day, user data can help to create a better online experience for mobile users, then it can be viewed as a positive thing. However, what really had me concerned was the potential for this data to be misused in such a way that individual lives are impeded on. This led me to think of the recent Ashley Madison hack that left thousands of users’ privacy exposed to the public. One would assume that a business of Ashley Madison’s nature would be able to protect against these events and perhaps confirmed my apprehension in regards to Tinder. Perhaps you may have found some information on what is being done to prevent the data received from mobile devices from getting into the wrong hands through your research. If so, I would be very interested to hear what information you have found. Asking for a friend of course…

    Thanks for an extremely provocative and interesting read,



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